The Why of GCMI

God has raised up GCMI to meet the challenge of biblically expanding the Church of Jesus Christ.  God has already provided the plan of the future as we see it worked out in the first century of the church.  The men called forth in the first century followed a divine fiat that was to be lived out as the church took on local and worldwide dimensions.  It is the task of GCMI to search out the Scriptures and apply these principles once again to the expansion of the church among growing number of ethnic groups now to be found in the USA.

We may ask, "Will these same principles work for the church two thousand years later?"  We believe they will and as a matter of fact, what we see in the Scriptures is the model for the church today.  We also believe the Lord intends to continue building His church in a manner that is agreeable with the model He established.

The Great Commission of Matthew 28:19-20 calls the church into action by giving it a Divine Mandate to reach the world with a saving knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection, and to make disciples of all who would follow Him.

The How of GCMI

The process begins by making contact with the target community, i.e. the Spanish speaking community.  Penetration into the target community is through the development of redemptive relationships, which are developed within the context of the community

By following the model found in the Book of Acts, Jesus Christ is presented as Savior to target community.  Those who respond will be invited to participate in Bible Studies in the native language where they can come to a saving knowledge of Christ.

As these new believers grow, churches will be established.  Some of the men will be trained to become leaders of the yet to be or newly established local churches.

The newly established local churches will find their purpose in the further equipping of the believers, with a focus on personal growth, in preparation for a biblical expansion of the church through evangelism and missions.

As we grow

GCMI is a ministry committed to establishing churches that will put into practice principles of Church Based Theological Education and Leadership Development.  These churches will carry out a missions program that will likewise have it's roots in the local church and therefore establish a working model for Church Based Missions. 

This concept of Church based development of education, leadership and mission modules does not mean however that the GCMI churches would not work in fellowship with mission boards who are like minded and have a focus on establishing local indigenous churches.

Where will GCMI go?

GCMI and the local churches that are established through it's ministry will endeavor, as led of the Lord, to send out missionary teams to the Spanish speaking Americas.  These teams will be part of a church based missions ministry who will not have to learn a new language nor adjust to a new culture.  Their return to their native root will mean the introduction of Christ not crossculturally but within a know culture for the missionary.

As the Lord leads other ethnic groups located in the U.S.A. may be reached for the purpose of establishing the church in their midst thus creating a new missions thrust. 

As the local churches grow a multiplication principle is applied, which will mean dividing the church for he purpose of establishing two new churches who, when they reach optimum growth, will also divide thus becominng two more new churches.  This division that results in a multiplication of churches is a byproduct of evangelism and discipleship at the individual level.  The local church is never static but ever moving and growing as it seeks to extend itself around the world.

  • Reach  - Out
  • Serve - Others
  • Present - Christ
  • Disciple - Believers
  • Train - Leaders
  • Establish - Churches
  • Multilpy - Missions

GCMI Financial Policy

GCMI is a Georgia based non-profit Religious Corporation.  Our support is dependent upon the Lord and we trust Him to raise up a donor base that will supply the needs of the ministry.  We feel it is proper to let those who are interested know what the specific needs of the ministry might be.

We believe that God's work done in God's way will never lack for God's supply.

All funds received as a donation will be recognized as tax decuctible gifts for which a donor receipt will be given.  GCMI is a 501 (c) (3) corporation under the Internal Revenue Code.

We exempt ourselves from any faith based funding by government entities.  Though we readily recognize it to be the responsibilty of the church to serve the community; we believe we should remain as free as possible from financial obligation to governments that could restrict in any way our ability to reach the community we serve with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Who are we?

Jack R. Jones, Board Member, President

Jack is a former businessman who brings to GCMI more than a quarter century of walking with the Lord.  He and his wife Joyce have served as missionaries in Bolivia and Argentina and now here in the U.S.A. for more than twenty years.  They are currently involved in establishing GCMI's first Spanish speaking church in Roswell, Georgia.  Jack is the fulltime representative of GCMI to the churches and supporters of the mission. They live in Woodstock, GA.

Kenneth Gross, Board Member, Vice President

Ken is a Delta Airline pilot.  He brings another quarter century of walking with the Lord to the leadership team of GCMI.  Ken, who is always sensitive to the Lord, is the one who can ask just the right question at the right time to help steer the Board in key decisions.  He lives with his wife Sandy in Cartersville, GA.

Stephen Carley, Board Member, Secretary

Steve is a practicing attorney in Atlanta, Georgia.  A serious learner of God's Word makes his insights of utmost importance to the Board.  Ethics and principles that are in tune with the revealed Word assure our following a path well lighted by the Word.  Steve and wife Nancy live in Marietta, GA.

Daniel McNeely, Board Member, Financial Officer

The youngest member of the board yet one who has love the Lord since his youth also has walked with the Lord for more than twenty-five years.  It is his responsibility to guide us in matters of taxes and financial matters.  Dan is a CPA and is able to serve the Lord with His gift of understanding these important matters.  Dan lives with his wife Amy and six chilren in Roswell, GA.

James Curtis, Board Member, Spiritual Counselor

Jim has been mentor for Jack for more than 20 years.  Jim was used of the Lord to introduce Jack and Joyce to New Tribes Mission where they first serve as missionaries in Bolivia.  Jim and Skip have walked with the Lord for fifty years and bring to our team the year of having learned to live by faith as they worked cross culturally in both city and jungle ministries in Brazil.  Jim is a man focused on the Word of God and has a prayer life that benefits our team.  They are still active fulltime missionaries with New Tribes Mission but find time to serve and counsel with us as needed.  They live in Flowery Branch, GA

Francisco Urrea, Board Member

Francisco is our newest board member.  He was born in Colombia, South America but has lived much of his adult life in the U. S. A.  He and his wife Fara live with their son Lucas in Roswell, GA where the Urreas labor together in a succesful real estate business. Francisco brings a good sense of business to our board and will make a major contribution to the Mission and Church when it becomes necessary to transition the labor of GCMI to the local churches.  He has a thorough knowledge of both cultures and is bilingual.  He is a welcomed addition to our leadership team.

Contact Information:

Great Commission Ministries International
77 East Crossville Road
Suite 100
Roswell, GA 30075
Contact: Jack R. Jones, President
Telephone: 770-630-2057 (C)

La Iglesia Comunidad Cristiana

77 East Crossville Road
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Roswell, GA 30075

Contact: Jack R. Jones, Pastor
Telephone: 770-630-2057 (C)